Colors on Concrete is doing its part in helping California in its fight for cleaner air.

As state regulations change regarding liquid coatings, new products are being developed to replace the "Bad ones." Unfortunately this means learning how to use them, how they will react or even last, since no long termtesting is offered yet.

Coating removal: The paint and mastic removers we use are "soy" based products so they have little to no odor. They are safe to use and they are bio-degradable.

Primers: Both water and solvent-based primers are used based on the style of flooring you choose. Moisture blocking primers are used under cementitious overlays, metallic, solid color and acrylic chip epoxy flooring. This primer does have an odor but not overly strong. Water-based epoxy primers can be substituted in some cases, again based on surface it is being applied to. This primer does have a mild odor.

Acid Stains are as they imply "Acid." A mild to bitter odor that dissipates quickly with good ventilation.

Solid Color Stains and color washes are water-based and have little to no odor.

Overlay / Skimcoat: These are multilayered floors consisting of, moisture blocking primer and three layers of a thin cementitious coating, sealer and wax. This is also a multi-use system, used hide imperfections in the floor surface, as a base coat for applying stains over and as a standalone coloring system that give a subtle variegated look similar to marble.

Solid Color Epoxy – Solvent-Based - High Odor - Not recommended for customers to be in the home or business while this process is being applied - Odor dies done rapidly as products cures.

Sealers – Solvent-based sealers are still the widely used – High odor, dries fast and “pops” color. As water-based sealers improve they are becoming a much wiser choice for interior applications. They have proven to hold up well over acid stains - Low odor, dries slowly and has some color pop.

Top Coats - "Water" - Mild odor, dries fast, foot traffic only.

Top Coat - "Solvent" - High odor - slow dry - slight odor until care.

Top Coat - "Wax" - No odor, dries fast, no slip.

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