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Category: Interior Concrete Floors

Colors On Concrete offers a variety of concrete services. Below is a general list of services we offer:

  • Polishing - Concrete, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo
  • Cleaning - Driveway, Walkway, High Pressure Wash
  • Stain Removal
  • Floor Prep. - Prep floors for various types of installs
  • Vinyl Paint Chips - Gives a granite look
  • Overlay - To correct uneven color variances, or to add a base color before acid stains
  • Acid Staining
  • Stenciling
  • Engraving
  • Scoring
  • Safety Grooving
  • Logos & Graphics
  • Bricks, Tile, Stone patterns
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Leveling
  • Some Concrete Replacement

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