We offer a standard one year warranty on all our projects. This covers all workmanship from preparation to the final coat. You will be given an information packet explaining how to maintain and protect your new surface.Please be cautious to follow our recommendations, any damage caused due to negligence, construction or poormaintenance will void any warranties.

Cracks in concrete are common, most can be filled but we cannot guaranty that they will not return. Daily temperature changes, ground settling, plant roots and earthquakes are the most common cause of cracking. Shrinkage cracking happens during the first few days after placement of new concrete. Proper control and relief cuts will help guide the cracks in a safe direction but sometimes they just have a mind of their own. Most damage caused by returning cracks can be repaired, but is not covered under warranty.

We have no control over manufactured products. All the exterior products we use have UV inhibitors in them to help protect the surface from sun damage. But even with protection we cannot warrant how certain colors will react to sun exposure over extended periods of time. The manufactures we use supply us with the products that are best suited for each application but there are different elements that can cause failures.

Exterior- Like your car wax or house paint, maintenance is key to long life, if these coatings erode, the surface underneath will be left unprotected. We do recommend that a regular maintenance program should be followed. Blow off the surface dirt, regular cleanings and reapply sealer every 1-2 years depending on wear, traffic, and sun exposure. This will keep the surface looking fresh and new.

Interior- Use a dust mop daily or weekly to pick loose debris from the floor. Once a month wet mop with a neutral PH cleaner and once every 1-2 years re-apply a coat of wax. High traffic areas may need a little more attention.

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